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Context Is "King" In Biblical Interpretation
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TOPIC: Context Is "King" In Biblical Interpretation

Context Is "King" In Biblical Interpretation 7 years ago #400

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Warm Greetings,

Context Is "King" In Biblical Interpretation.

Reading the Bible is an adventure, but it can be approached in two different ways; that of a tourist or as an explorer. There is a basic difference between an explorer and a tourist. The tourist travels quickly, stopping only to observe the highly noticeable or publicized points of interest. The explorer...takes his time to search out all that he can find. He wants to understand the geography, culture and history of the places he visits. How can we improve our understanding when reading the Bible?

The primary approach to understanding the Bible is always keeping in mind the Context of the scripture. It’s critical that when studying the bible we must put a verse, paragraph or book in its right context. Everything in a given book must be considered and analyzed within its setting, which means we can never isolate one verse or portion of the book from the rest of what is written. Doing this will help to see the author’s flow of thought or major themes that are carried through.

Context is "king" in biblical interpretation. Context is the setting in which a passage occurs or simply what precedes and what follows the text you are studying. This possibly involves reading a chapter preceding and a chapter following the passage you are studying. If that does not help give a clear picture, then read the book in which the passage appears, then other books by this author, as well as the overall message of the entire Bible.

Understanding any theological concepts in the passage can help to open up the meaning of the passage. It’s good to consider other passages where similar topics are addressed, to see what is common and what is different.

Two other sources of context to always consider and which may shed significant light on the understanding of a passage are the cultural environment when the passage was written and the historical when the passage was written (e.g., what does the text teach about what it was like to be a believer in that specific culture and how does that influence what the author is writing in a specific book).

As you continue your adventure in studying God’s Word, commit to have the mindset of an explorer searching diligently for priceless, hidden treasures. Avoid reading the passage with the attitude of a tourist who is on a leisurely holiday. You will be rewarded with God’s deep and rich truths.

May God Bless Your Study of His Word,

Lance "Cartoonbug" Muller
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